5 New year resolutions and helpful Apps for Christians

  1. Read Bible everyday 

This is one of the top christian resolutions for new year

We suggest  one of the following APPS for help



Daily Bible Reading – KJV

2. Pray every day 

Pray in the morning or evening.

We suggest  one of the following APPS for help

3. Read a devotional daily

Thousands of devotionals are available free on App Store ..

We suggest to use one of the following APPS for help


4. Drive carefully: Be a defensive driver

Road accidents are the one of the top reason for accidental death in USA .. we suggest to practice defensive Driving.

We suggest one of the following APPS for help

5. Live an Addiction free life

Addiction is not a good thing to have in your life.. Be free from addictions.

We suggest one of the following APPS for help

Addiction Recovery Devotionals

Christian Applications



Hundreds of Christian applications are available in the App Store.. See the  Stores below

Our Android Apps

Christian Channel Apps on Android

A Devotional bible study of thematic Scripture readings for each day of the year

Best Christian Prayer App.. Daily updated with very inspirational Prayers

Daily Encouraging & Inspiring Bible verses for you..

Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening Devotional-Most-loved and best known devotional

#1 Daily Essential Christian Prayer app. Ask and it will be given to you..

Great articles help you to discover the joy, challenge, and inspiration

One of the best Christian Prayer App. Daily updated with inspirational Prayers

Christian Devotional Manna
Christian Devotional Manna,

Christian Devotional Manna. Daily Christian Spiritual thoughts

Daily Prayer quotes from famous Christian authors and scholars

Daily Meditation Android App
Daily Meditation Android App,

A simple daily discipleship tool for your faith and work.

Daily Blessing words from the bible and devotionals.-

Faith’s Check is a daily devotional full of wonderful promises from God’s Word

Quote of the day by C S Lewis Quotes,

Famous Quotes by C S Lewis

App for Daily Christian Love Quotes from Famous Christian Authors

Daily promises from the word of God.

Daily Encouraging Bible Stories best suited for kids of all ages..

Daily Bible Trivia Questions to enhance your bible knowledge

Daily Praise Meditations -Praise God as you read through this praise meditations

Spurgeon’s Evening Devotional-Most-loved and best known devotional

Daily wisdom from the book of proverbs: An essential meditation for Godly Wisdom

Best and Selected quotes by Nobel price Winner Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

App for Daily Bible Proverbs :wise and weighty words of wisdom and virtue

App for daily bible Reading.. Read Bible in 365 days

Spurgeon’s Morning Devotional-Most-loved and best known devotional

App for daily verse and a short meditation on that word

Daily life quotes from famous Christian authors and leaders

Daily Light devotional for each day of the year, in the very words of Scripture



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